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We finished 2006 and started 2007 with a trial in Pomona, CA. My friends Linda and Joel came for the entire trial to cheer us on. Also my friend Christine showed up and enjoyed the fun during one of the days. The weather was nice with no rain this year. Last year it rained and the there were some roof leaks right on the course. Thus the surface was nice packed dirt under cover. It was our first trial since our break to go to Mazatlan. We played the new FAST game on January 1, 2007 and earned our first "leg" (qualifying score). We had a great time, but no double Q's. Our next trial will be the Rose City Cluster in Portland, OR.

January 19 to January 22, 2007: Diva and I flew to Portland, OR for a 4 day trial. Held indoors on rubber mats this is a very busy show with bred ring, obedience, rally and of course agility trials all in a huge Expo Center. Two clubs put on 2 days each of agility trials: the Dog Fanciers Association of Oregon and the Tualatin Kennel Club. The "Robins" were the trial secretaries and did their usual efficient job at organizing, and running the trial. We had a very nice time and I thank everyone involved in putting on this trial.

Diva exits chute, Portland, OR January 2007
Rose City Cluster Trials Portland, OR - January 2007: Photo by Agility Images, graphics by Susy

We stayed at my favorite hotel, the Red Lion, Jensen Beach. Located one exit from the Expo center, this hotel has huge rooms, a special rate for the show, restaurant, pool and hot tub, tennis courts, gym, etc. They really try to take care of their customers, they picked me up and took me to the market and pharmacy and run a shuttle to and from the airport. They made my stay very comfortable. Diva must have enjoyed it too and we finally broke the no double Q streak and earned 3 double Q's out of 4 days. We now have 88 double Q's and 4,052 points. We need 12 more double Q's for 100 perfect days and our MACH 5.

February 9-11, 2007, Henderson, NV (Las Vegas) . A fun trial, but alas, no double Q's. Crazy goofy mistakes. Off to to Mazatlan for another month of sun and fun on the beach. The AKC Nationals will be the end of March in Columbus, OH and we are going. Stay tuned for more adventures.

March 17-18, Tucson, AZ: Record breaking heat and two days of trials at Gene Reid Park in Tucson. Saturday was a great day with a first and a second place and that made double Q number 89. With great expectations we started with a Jumpers run on Sunday. Unfortunately the run started with a single jump and then a triple right into the bright morning sun. Even though I yelled BIG, poor Diva miscalculated and plowed into the jump bars really hard. The good thing was she wasn't hurt and wasn't limping. But there was no double Q on this day. The standard run also had a big surprise for me. Or as we say in agility, "Don't take your eyes off of your dog." I sent Diva to the tunnel and off she headed. I ran ahead to meet her and she wasn't there - she went next "door" to the dog walk! What a surprise. It was fun, but it wasn't what I expected!

collage of Tucson trial photos
Photos by Bruce McClelland, Saturday March 17, 2007 Tucson, AZ

March 25, 2007: We just finished 3 days of trials in Harriman, TN. Next Friday starts the AKC Nationals. We had a great time at this trial. The people here in Tennessee were really nice and friendly. I enjoyed meeting everyone and even saw one of our North West competitors at the trials too. The trial site was one of the best I have ever trialed at! Indoor arena with nice packed dirt. Concrete stadium seating for crating, nice restrooms, and a great food vendor right on site. Outside there was lots of nice places to take your dog for a walk. Even though the temperatures reached 90 degrees, it was comfortable inside. All in all a nice place for dog trials.

We also had a very successful weekend with 3 double Q days out of 3! I am very happy with that! There were lots of fast dogs and good handling so we didn't place except on one run, but we weren't going for the speed, just the double Q's. We are now at 92 double Q's. Only 8 more for MACH5! Tally-ho!


Diva and Tessa 'blast off' at AKC Nationals

March 30, 31 and April 1, 2007, AKC National Agility Championships: We placed in the top 10 percent of our jump height! Click here to read more, see a few pictures and download course maps.

April 13, 14, and 15: Happy 60th Birthday to Susy! We entered a trial in Sequim, WA. A fun weekend and one more double Q, plus we earned our open F.A.S.T. title. It was a bit chilly all weekend, check out my outfit below:

Photos below by Wanda Simon
Diva jumping, Susy bundled up

Diva on the dog walk

Diva leaving tghe dog walk

The next weekend we were back home and we did an ASCA (Australian Shepard Club of America) trial in Deer Park, WA on April 21 and 22. Each day there were 6 runs that were fast and fun. We had a great time and earned 3 titles! We now have Standard, and Gamblers titles through the Open level and also got an Elite tile in Jumpers!

Helena, MT April 27, 28 and 29: 2 more Double Q's

Spokane, WA May 12 and 13: One more Double Q: We are now at 96 Double Q's. Only 4 more double Q's needed for MACH5!

May 18, 19 and 20 at Argus Ranch in Auburn, WA: THREE perfect days, FAST Excellent title, 99 Double Q's and we now have enough points for 6 MACH's.

Diva with new title ribbon: FAST Excellent A

May 25, 26, 27 and 28 Eugene, OR for 4 days: We earned MACH 5 on the second day when we got our 100th double Q. We continued to earn two more double Q's at this trial.

June 2 and 3 Canby, OR: A fun trial with very challenging FAST courses. We got two more double Q's and one more leg in Excellent B FAST. Our next trial will be in two weeks-Blackfoot Idaho. Four days in Blackfoot and then to Los Angeles to visit family and of course another trial.

Diva exits the tunnel June 2007
Photos above and below by Joe Camp, graphics by Susy
June 2, 2007: Diva exiting the tunnel above, going through the tire below; Canby, OR

Diva jumping through the tire

June 14 to 16th we did a 4 day trial in Blackfoot, ID. No thunder storms this year, but we had major wind on the last day our tent poles snapped while I was walking the course! We got 3 double Q's at this trial and one FAST Q. From Blackfoot, we drove down to Los Angeles. We did a two day trial on June 23 and 24 in Woodley Park, Van Nuys, CA.. The first day we got a double Q, but didn't make the FAST run. The next day. We got the FAST Q, but then the model planes started buzzing over head including model jets. Added to that real jets and small planes too. Diva started freaking out. The second run was a jumpers and she would not let me lead out she was so upset. So I ran with her and we did make the Q. However by the 3rd run, Standard, she was so upset that we got through 4 obstacles and she stopped in her tracks. I had to take her off the course.

Now comes 4th of July and Diva is really scared! The next weekend was a trial in Monroe, WA on July 7th and 8th.There was no FAST games so the days were much shorter. We made a mistake on the standard run on the first day and got only the jumpers run. The next day the neighbors to the park decided to set off firecrackers JUST as I brought Diva to the line for her second run. She ran back to the tent! I brought her back to the line just in time for 3 more loud explosions! Since it was a jumpers run, I figured if I could get her attention, maybe I could get her through the course. I started yelling and running with her, "let's go, let's go!" It worked and we got our double Q! A word to the wise, if your dog is sound sensitive, don't do a trial right before or after the 4th of July if there is any chance fireworks can be set off near the trial site.

The following weekend we drove to Argus Ranch in Auburn, WA for a nice three day trial, July 13, 14 and 15. Again there were no FAST games so the days went quickly. We made double Q's on the first two days, but on the third day I made a bad mistake. I let Diva jump from the front seat of the minivan out into the gravel parking lot. She immediately began to limp. When she walked on the grass the limp went away. She seemed willing to try the first run of the day, Jumpers so we gave it a try. She pulled down two bars and continued to limp on and off. I packed up and drove home. The next day I took her to the vet, but he couldn't really find what was making her limp. He gave me some medicine to try and told me to keep her quiet for a week. I cancelled my three day trial in Lynndon, WA I had scheduled for the weekend and hoped she would be OK as we were planning on going to Central Point, OR and then to LA for my husband's birthday.

After a week of rest, Diva no longer seemed to be limping so we took off for Oregon. The night before the trial, July 26, while walking the dogs on grass, Diva started to have a funny stride. "Oh, no, we won't be able to play jumps tomorrow I cried. My baby, Diva, what is wrong?" I found a funny thing with fur on the hotel room floor, which I think was a scab. I checked Diva's feet and found a little bit of blood on the back of a nail on the right front foot. I think the scab came off and that was where she must of jammed her pad and toe nail getting out of the car at Argus Ranch. Why she limped on the left rear, when the problem was the right front I am not sure. However several people mentioned that horses compensated by limping of the opposite side and front/back. We went ahead and trialed for 4 days with no sign of a limp - yeah!

Central Point, OR July 27 to 30th results: Missed our standard run on Friday for a very funky teeter, but got the FAST. Missed the FAST on Saturday and Sunday, but got double Q's both days. On Monday we got all three runs! We need only one more FAST Excellent B run for the Master title. We need 6 more double Q's for our MACH 6.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DIVA: 6 years old July 28, 2007
July 28, 2007 Diva getting ready to run on her 6th birthday
photos from Doghouse Arts, graphics below by Susy
Diva jumping at Central Point, OR July 28, 2007
Flat Coated Retriever Society of America trials at Central Point, OR July 28, 2007

Click on links below to view stills made into clips - Central Point, OR, July 2007 - Note: Macromedia flash needed to play these clips. Allow blocked content and if picture is blurry, re-size window smaller:
Opening to weaves, Jumpers course, Standard opening, table and bridge, Standard run finish

On the way to Van Nuys, California a stop at Harlick Boots

Diva and Tessa visit Harlick Skating Boots and the Kuhn's
Pictured above: Ginger Kuhn with her Grandsons, Jason, 7; Jayden, 6; Jonaven, 5, plus Tessa and Diva

August 1, 2007 my husband, Ron, went for a fitting of custom inline skate boots at Harlick Boots in San Carlos, CA. Mrs. Kuhn and her 3 grandsons took the time to greet us and play with the dogs. Harlick Boots is a real USA family business that hand makes wonderful boots for ice and roller skaters. Check out their website:

From Central Point, OR and after the stop in San Carlos at Harlick Boots, we headed to the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, CA and did do a two day trial in Woodley Park. Although the model planes were not so close this time, we were still under the take off path for planes and jets. Diva did her runs, but she was very upset and wanted to run away It was a good thing the runs were jumpers when she got scared of the plane noises, I managed to run with her and keep her going getting two double Q's that weekend. After the Simi Valley Kennel Club trials in Woodley Park we drove home to Idaho.

Simi Valley Kennel Club Trials August 4 and 5, 2007:
Woodley Park, Van Nuys, CA
August 2007 Van Nuys, CA

Diva jumping and turning left

Diva jumping and turnng right

Diva, Susy and judge at the A-Frame
photos above by Terry Curtis, graphics by Susy

August 5, 2007: Diva exiting the A-Frame as Susy executes a front cross.
Judge Robert Long watches for those contacts.

Enumclaw, WA, August 17, 18 and 19: We got one more double Q - only 3 more double Q's for MACH 6. Plus we got 3 first places in Excellent B FAST and our Masters Excellent FAST title.

Enumclaw July 18, 2007
Photo collage by Creative Indulgence

Diva and Tessa at Columbia River Agility Club trial
August 31, to September 3, 2007, Hood River, OR

Diva earns MACH 6 and Tessa does her first trial and earns Novice Jumpers and Standard titles and 2 legs in Novice FAST! What a "weekend". This was the first time a 4 day trial was held in Hood River, OR. The weather was mostly hot with some heavy wind gusts. Diva came to the trial needing one double Q. Friday we missed, Saturday we missed, but on Sunday, September 2, 2007 we made our double Q with 3rd and 4th places too! There were two other MACH dogs and we all had a great time.

Three MACHs in one day
photo by Tien Tran From left to right:
Judge Jaime Ramiez, Barb Davis and Zesty, Barth and Debbie with Malik, Susy Harris and Diva and Judge Jennifer McDonald

Tessa in her first tiral
photo by Tien Tran, Hood River, OR, September 3, 2007

Susy and Diva at the table
photos by Trista Hidalgo,
Above: Susy at the table with Diva - a worried moment, Pahrump, NV October 2007
Below: Susy at the table with Tessa who is talking back!Tessa talking on the table

Tessa as Tinkerbell
photos by Trista Hidalgo,
Here's what Diva thinks about being Peter Pan
Halloween at Pahrump, NV October 2007: Diva was Peter Pan, Susy as Wendy and Tessa as Tinkerbell
I don't think Diva was too excited by it all.

Happy Holidays from all of us to all of you

Diva and Tessa in their holiday outfits 2007
2007: Happy Holidays from all of us to all of you!

Final trial of 2007 and the first one in 2008: Pomona, CA. It was fun to see our Los Angeles, CA agility friends and our good friends Linda Erland and Joel George who joined us for the New Years trials. It was a three ring trial and it turned out to be a crazy trial for me. With Diva in Excellent and Tessa still competing in Open, I was running from ring to ring to try to get my walk throughs and run the dogs. As a result of all the running about Diva and I only got one double Q in three days of trials. Tessa got one Q each day. So Q wise we didn't do our usual performance. However we had an excellent time sharing the fun, excitment and the disappointments with our friends. I decided that 3 rings with two dogs in different levels is just too much for me to handle. Two rings and two dogs is more than enough of a challenge. Our adventures for 2008 continue on a new page.

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