A Little About Susy

My name is Susy Harris and Diva, my border collie, was my very first agility dog. We have earned the highest AKC title, MACH, several times over. I added my little Papillon, Tessa, to our family in 2008 and she is having fun playing agility too.

I have a 20 plus year background in dance and I approach dog agility as a flowing dance. I apply not only the dog training principals that I have learned, but the body movements of dance to help make smooth, fast and qualifying runs. Although I have retired from dancing you can see some of my past pictures (when I was much younger). Check out my site: www.susyharris.com

I continue to practice agility, take dog classes and run my dogs in agility competitions and you can follow our agility adventures on this website. Just click on the Adventures links in the menu at the left.

I live with my husband, Ronnie, Diva and Tessa dogs and KK the cat in North Idaho during the spring, summer and fall months. During the winter we are off to Mazatlan, Mexico for fun in the sun. Check out our Mexican website too.

I practice with the dogs on the beach. We have a lot of fun on the beach. I set up a few jumps and we play jumpy-jumps. I throw the soft frisbee as a reward and both dogs have s a blast! One of Diva's favorite activities is bringing her frisbee to people walking down the beach. Some will ignore her, but most will stop and try to throw it for her. She thinks that it is great. Sometimes she will just stare at the frisbee until she can get the people to pick it up. What a big tease she can be!

MACH Diva and Susy practice on the beach in Mexico

Diva and Tessa in Mexico

When we are home in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho we go to work at 21st Century Scientific, Inc. We manufacture Bounder Power Wheelchairs. Diva of course plays with tennis balls and gets pets all day long. Tessa runs around the shop, runs upstairs and plays "teeter-bang". She practices her teeter and I have to limit her as it makes a very loud bang noise.
If you would like to contact me please send an email to: Susy and Diva Email

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