Diva's Agility Pictures 2003
Practicing at home during the winter
Livingroom practice
weave poles
getting some air in the livingroom
Awards May 11, 2003
Diva is very ho-hum about the awards
August 3, 2003 Open Titles
Diva does the teeter
photo by Vicki Atkins
Diva coming out of the tunnel
photo by Vicki Atkins
Practicing on the beach in Mazatalan, Mexico; November 2003 Susy and Diva practicing on the beach in Mazatalan
Susy and Diva practicing
Over the jump, ocean behind Diva
Diva in the play tunnel with her ball
Susy and Diva pose
Diva - jumping is hard work
Diva does weaves on the beach
Diva's first Excellent trial
Diva's first Excellent trial. Humans from left to right: Susy's Father; Charles Harris, Friend; Linda Erland, Step-Mother; Marilyn Lewin-Harris, and Susy