Movie Clips of Diva
Diva opens her eyes
Round and Round: Diva running in the snow 2002 (120kb)
Diva and the Turtle: Diva checks out the turtle 2002 (312kb)
Come Tunnel: Diva practicing in the house Feburary 2003(248kb)
Good Catch: Playing in the house February 2003 (383kb)

AKC Nationals 2007 - Susy and Diva runs:
State Run 1, State Run 2, Nationals Round 1, Nationals Round 2 and Nationals Round 3

Central Point, OR: July 2007 - Stills made into clips. Note: Macromedia flash needed to play these clips. Allow blocked content and if picture is blurry, re-size window smaller:
Opening to weaves, Jumpers course, Standard opening, table and bridge, Standard run finish