Sant pic 2001

Each year Diva's Mommy and Daddy, Susy and Ron take her to the mall to visit Santa. Here is her first visit when she was about 5 months old. She certainly looked like a little stuffed toy.

Santa pic 2002

This year she started to get the idea and she has learned to "smile" for the camera.

December 2003, Diva is all grown up and ready to visit Santa.

Santa pic 2004

2004, Well where are the treats? Seriously, all this Santa visiting and picture taking requires TREATS!

For those of you that want to take your pet for Santa pictures, be sure to check with your local mall for permission. Take a squeeky toy to get your pet's attention. And DON'T FORGET the TREATS!

2005 found us in Mazatlan with few choices for Santa pictures with Diva. First we went to the local mall and were told conflicting stories as to when Santa would arrive and whether it would be OK for our fur child to visit Santa. Then we tried the Walmart Super Center. However, each time we went to Walmart Santa wasn't there. It seems that we just couldn't pin down Santa in sunny Mexico. So we did the next best thing and applied a little photo magic!

2006 On The Beach for the Holidays

Holiday picture 2006

2007 Mazatlan, Mexico for the Holidays

Holiday photo 2007