Tessa's Agility 2007

On August 31, 2007 Tessa entered her first trial. This was a four day event held in Hood River, OR by the Columbia River Agility Club. She was fun and fast. She was funny and exciting. What a weekend! Tessa also earned 2 legs in Novice FAST and got her Novice Agility and Novice Jumpers with Weaves titles! WOW.

Columbia River Agility Club logo with Tessa and Diva pictures

Tessa jumping at her first trial
Photo by Tien Tran
Tessa first competition picture September 3, 2007
Susy and Tessa with Judge Jaime Rameriz and Mrs. Rameriz
from left to right: Mrs. Rameriz, Susy, Tessa, Judge Jaime Rameriz

Tessa takes a tumble
photo courtesy of Kori Wilson of toujoursphotos.com

September 23, 2007 at Monroe, WA: Tessa had just taken a jump and went head over heels. The audience gasped, but she got right up and kept on running! Below are a few more pictures from this trial by Kori Wilson:

Tessa exits the tunnel
Go Tessa Go
Tessa goes on after broad jump
Tessa runs on the bridge

Pahrump, NV - October 2007
photos by Trista Hidalgo, dynamicdogphotos.com

composite of Tessa coming down the A frame
Tessa barking on the teeter
Tessa riding the teeter down
Flying Pap
Over the wall with air
composite of Tessa coming out of the chute
Tessa sails over the jump
Tessa talking back on the table
She was telling me that she really didn't want to wait 5 whole seconds in a down on the table.