May 25, 2012: Eugene, OR
MACH 3 Foxfire's Contessa Ear Amor OF, CGC

MACH 3 Tessa May 28, 2012, Eugene, OR
May 25, 2012, Eugene Kennel Club
Judges: Kera Holm and Mark Upshaw
Susy Harris and Tessa earn MACH 3

It is interesting to note that Diva also earned her MACH 3 on May 28, 2006 at this same trial site with the same club and one of the judges was also Kera Holm.

MACH3 Diva 2006

June 3, 2011:

Tessa July 2010
Photo by Darg Dog, July 2010
MACH2 Tessa June 2011
June 3, 2011: MACH2 Foxfire's Contessa Ear Amor OF
MACH2 Tessa and MACH 12 Diva on same day
MACH 2 Tessa and MACH 12 Diva on the same day!

Tessa in the flowers June 2010
Photo above by Nina: June 2010, Canby, OR

UPDATE: 2010: 2010 was another busy year filled with trials. In May at Eugene OR, Tessa finally made her first MACH! I was so excited that I started crying. We had had several close runs for the last double Q, but little things (really my fault beyond a doubt) keep that last elusive double Q from happening. But finally we got it! We finished the season (before driving to Mexico) at Rigby, ID with 32 double Q and 3,472 points.

MACH Tessa and Susy with ribbon and bar
Photos by Nina

MACH Tessa with Susy and Judges May 28, 2010
Judge Rhonda Crane, Susy and Tessa, Judge Carol Mount
McKenzie Cascade Dog Fanciers, Eugene, OR
May 28, 2010

UPDATE: December 27, 2009: We are are still in Idaho. The whole year has flown by with no updates to our adventures! We have been totally involved with our house building project since we returned from Mexico at the beginning of 2009. We have managed to enter and compete in about a dozen trials. Unfortunately early in the year Tessa was blown off the A frame a Argus Ranch and I managed to step on her. It displaced her left knee which had previously shown signs of luxating. She ran well the next day, but the following weekend in Spokane, she refused to take some of the obstacles. She did run in Eugene, OR after that trial, but not with her usual enthusiasm. Ron and I decided that she would probably need knee surgery and we scheduled her surgery for early June.

The first knee surgery was not totally successful and even though we competed in several trials in the fall, I felt her knee luxate and sometimes she would not take the A frame (which put the most stress on the knee). I enrolled Tessa in an exercise class in Spokane where we used a large peanut shaped ball. She did really well with the class. I also started putting her in the bathtub and exercising her in the water to build up her knee. However the knee was still displacing. We took her back to the surgeon who agreed that she needed the surgery re-done. On December first, she had knee surgery once again. This time I have been keeping her sedated on pills and in a small crate almost all day long. The knee feels better to me and she is using the leg in a normal manner when I let her down on the ground. Hopefully this time her knee will heal properly and be strong.

What we did achieve in 2009: Tessa now has 16 double Q's and 1,399 points. Also she passed the CGC (Canine Good Citizen) test and received a certificate. We will be going to Mexico in February and return to the US sometime in April. Our goal for 2010 is 4 more double Q's and a MACH!


November 1, 2008: We are now in Mexico for the next two months. Tessa has 9 double Q's and 837 speed points. Little things like holding the sit or down on the table or a spin in front of a jump or tunnel and even a dropped bar has kept us from adding those all important double Q's. But Tessa has the spirit and the speed and I am sure we will start earning more double Q's.

October 12, 2008 - Tessa has 8 double Q's and 726 points. We are still having some problems on the standard runs. Often the table is an issue with Tessa barking and bouncing out of position. Sometimes we get refusals or even off courses when she decides her way is better than mine. Although she has the MX title, standard runs are still difficult for us. We have done 22 Excellent A FAST runs and still have not been able to get the send and qualify. I think after the last trial we have already entered FAST, that I will hold off entering anymore FAST classes until I know that she can drive out and stay out. She runs really fast and can make time and would have enough points, but she still doesn't have the distance work needed to qualify. Tessa is quite the character and lots of fun!

September 21, 2008: Tessa earned her MX title and now has 8 double Q's and 650 points. 12 more double Q's and only 100 more points to earn the MACH title. To learn more about a MACH title click here.

Tessa earns her MX title and 2 double Q's
September 21, 2008: Master Agility title and 2 double Q's

September 1, 2008: Tessa has 6 double Q's and 551 points. She is qualified for 2009 AKC Nationals. She needs one more standard Excellent B run for her MX title. 14 more double Q's and only 199 points for a MACH.

August 24, 2008: 4 double Q's, 384 speed points, MXJ title and 7 qualifying runs towards her MX (standard) title. Only 3 more standard runs for the MX title. 2 more double Q's and 16 more points to be qualified for AKC Nationals in 2009!

July 13, 2008: Tessa earned her Excellent B jumpers title, MXJ, and now has 3 qualifying Excellent B standard runs and 3 Double Q's plus 195 MACH points. Tessa is half way to qualifying for Nationals! Check our Adventures 2008 page for more information and pictures.

Tessa in her 4th of July dress

Tessa September 2007
Photo by Tien Tran
September 3, 2007 Tessa at her first trial, Hood River, OR

Meet my five pound Papillon, Tessa. She is Diva's little "sister". Tessa arrived at our home at 9 weeks of age and 2.2 pounds. On August 31, 2007 Tessa did her first agility trial in Hood River, OR. At this 4 day trial she completed her Novice Jumpers with Weaves title and Novice Standard title (AKC), plus she got 2 "legs" (qualifying runs) towards the Novice FAST title. On September 8, 2007 Tessa earned her 3rd "leg" in Novice FAST and got her FAST Novice title too!

Tessa May 2008

May 19, 2008 Tessa has earned her Excellent A Standard title and her Open FAST title too over the last weekends. She now has 39 MACH points.

May 11, 2008 Tessa has earned Excellent A jumpers title, one "leg" in Excellent A standard and one "leg" and 10 MACH points in Excellent B jumpers.

October 28, 2007 Tessa has earned her Open Jumpers and Open Standard titles. She is not ready to move to Excellent and hasn't earned any legs in Open FAST. We are in Mexico for about two months and will be practicing distance work, weave pole entry and tunnels. Our next trial will be a 4 day trial for New Years at Pomona, CA at the Open level. Check out some really great agility pictures from Pahrump, NV.

Tessa nose to nose with a Collie
photo by Trista Hidalgo,
Tessa in her Tinkerbell costume, October 2007

October 12, 13 and 14, 2007, Wenatchee, WA. I moved Tessa to Open in all classes. She did really well in the Jumpers and qualified all three days and earned her Open Jumpers title! Wow. We had some errors on 2 of the 3 standard runs, but by Sunday we got a leg in standard with a spectacular time and one table fault. We tried two open FAST classes, but Tessa just wasn't ready for the distance part of the challenge. The weekend was a blast and Tessa continues to be a show stopper with her fast teeter performance. Next weekend we are off to Yakima, WA for more fun.

October 6 and 7, Helena, MT: Tessa continues to be a super speedy dog in the agility ring. At Helena, MT we ran in Novice and had impressive fast runs Queing in all but one jumper's run where she skipped a jump and took the next one before I could stop her! She is exciting and entertaining to watch. Her handler, Susy, is loud and exciting too. What a combo.

September 23, 2007 Monroe, WA:Tessa took a complete head over heels tumble and kept on running:
Tessa takes a head over heels tumble on the course
photo courtesy of Kori Wilson of

Tessa in her Tinkerbell costume
Check out Tessa's fashion pages for more Tinkerbell pictures. Also see the action shot of Tessa going head over heels on the agility course.

Collage of Tessa jumping

Tessa at 17 months

Tessa at Central Point, OR

Tessa chewing on a featherPictures above by Mary Fish Arango, July 30, 2007 Central Point, OR, graphics by Susy

Tessa on June 3, 2007
photos above and directly below by Joe Camp, graphics by Susy
Tessa on June 3, 2007 at Canby, OR
- 15 months oldTessa looking up June 2007

Tessa celebrates her first birthday on the beach in Mexico
Tessa's First Birthday
February 21, 2007

Click Here for Birthday Party Pictures

Sleepy Tessa, click to buy a T-shirt
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Tessa in her camo shirt
Here is Tessa at 8 months of age, sporting her little cameo shirt.
Tessa and Diva on the beach November 2006
Tessa and Diva on the beach in Mazatlan, Mexico, November 2006