The photos below are from the Rose City Cluster trials in Portland, OR. These photos were taken by Matt Sachs of Agility Images. The graphics and artwork were done by Susy Harris

Diva jumping through a tire

Coming out of the tunnel
top of the A-Frame
Diva jumping a hurtle
Diva exiting the closed chute

February 2006
Henderson, NV - Pictures by Grand Images of Phoenix, AZ

Diva jumping the broad jump
"Look Ma, I'm Flying"

Diva coming down the A-Frame
Just a really nice view of Diva coming down the A-frame, some what ethereal as she seems to have a glow in this picture.
judge with back to Diva
I found this shot interesting as the judge has his back to the dog. This was during the FAST class demo, so it didn't really count. But I heard the judge say, he couldn't see the dog!

MARCH 2006
Pictures below are from English Springer Spaniel 3 Day Trial in Boulder City, NV
Photos by Ann Clayton Photography

5 picture collage March 2006

Collage graphics above by Ann Clayton

Diva at the start line

Diva waiting at the start line

Diva jumping Susy calling

Diva jumping and Susy calling next jump

Diva jumping, Susy rear crosses

Diva jumping and Susy doing a rear cross in the background

Diva going over top of A frame

Diva clearing the top of the A-Frame

Diva jumping

Diva jumping;, graphic work by Susy, photo by Ann Clayton

Boulder City, NV March 2006

JULY 2006: Argus Ranch, Auburn, Washington

3 photos July 2006
Photos above by Creative Indulgence

JULY: Central Point OR, photos below from Doghouse Arts

3 pictures by Doghouse Arts

AUGUST 2006: Petaluma, CA Diva leaping onto the table
Photo by Dog Gone Digital, Graphics by Susy Harris

Dog House Arts photo Petaluma, CA
Photo above by Doghouse Arts, taken in Petaluma, CA August 2006

Diva doing the weave poles
Photo and graphics by Doghouse Arts

Photos above by Creative Indulgence, August 19, 2006

Check back for more pictures this year.