Susy, Diva and Tessa at the
AKC National Agility Championship 2007

Diva, Susy and Tessa at the AKC Nationals 2007

March 30, 31 and April 1, 2007: Susy and Diva went to Sunbury, OH (Columbus area) to compete with all the best dogs in the country. Each dog at this prestigious event had to have 6 double Q's and 300 speed points during the qualifying period to be eligible to enter. In our jump height of 20" there were 300 dogs!

Links to videos of all our runs: State Run1, State Run2, Nationals1, Nationals2, Nationals 3

On Friday, March 30th, the first day, it was the state and regional competitions with two rounds to decide on the top teams to compete for the final state championships. At the end of the second round our Western Region was in first place! The competitions ran really late into the evening, but I wanted to support our team and see what happened. Unfortunately we didn't make first place in the final round due to some errors, but everyone did a really good job and I was very proud of our team.

ID logo for Nationals designed by Susy

Friday's courses in PDF: Round 1 and Round 2

Below is the design for our region that I did for our members.

AKC Nationals 2007 Western Region  artwork


Saturday, March 31st, was Round 1 and 2 and we ran "clean" in both rounds and ended in 52nd placement out of 300! Our times were not all that great, especially the first run as it was a little bobbley (my fault - I got a little confused with all the stress <g>). But still two clean runs at the Nationals!

Saturday's courses in PDF files: Round 1 and Round 2

Sunday, April 1, 2007, we ran clean in the third Round and were in 26th place. Here is the course map for Round : Hybrid round 3 course in PDF . and here is a link to the results: 20" cumulative results after 3 rounds .

Composite action shots by Great Dane Photo
composite photo above by Great Dane Photos

The first 16 teams went to the finals, Round 5 plus the highest team that had a fault got to try to get into the finals by going to the challenger Round 4. Thus 17 dogs in the 20" jump height competed in the last round, Round 5. This challenger round moved our placement down to 27 out of 300 teams, but we were still in the top 10 percent! Here is a link to all the final placements in PDF: 2007 Final Placements all jump heights.

Diva and 3 clear run ribbons at 2007 AKC Nationals
Above: Happy Diva made 3 Clear Runs out of 3 at the AKC Agility Nationals 2007
Our decorated stall
Above: Our crating stall at the Nationals.
I decorated our stall and if you look closely you will see the traveling gnome too!
Diva and Tessa 'Blast Off
Diva and Tessa 'Blast Off' on the first day at the AKC Agility National Championship Trials 2007