DOB: May 8, 2011


Pouncer turned 2 years old on May 8, 2013. Here are some 2013 pictures:

Pouncer in the flowers 2013
Pouncer in Mazatlan, in the garden at the condo, Spring 2013

Pouncer at the beach
Pouncer enjoying the beach in Mazatlan, Mexico 2013

Pouncer with Diva and Tessa
Tessa, Pouncer and Diva at Idaho Falls, Idaho, April 2013

Although Pouncer has learned all the agility obstacles, he just doesn't seem to want to play the agility game as a team with me. So I have not entered him in a real AKC trial, although we tried a small NADAC video trial and an A Match (AKC trial that doesn't count toward titles). He shut down and didn't want to play. So we are going to explore some alternative things to do. He has had a couple of obedience lessons and will try some more. He seems to enjoy the formal obedience. This will be a new challenge for me.

2012: Pouncer grows up

Pouncer November 2012
Pouncer November 2012

Pouncer visits his sister and breeder
May 31, 2012: Pouncer is 1 year old. We went to visit Karen Baird his breeder.
Pictured above is Karen holding Pouncer, Susy holding his sister, Mindy .

Pouncner and Will
Pouncer with his sire, Will, May 31, 2012 visit

2011: Puppy PouncerPouncer July 15, 2011

Meet our new Papillon: Myfriend Sir Pounce A Lot, aka Pouncer. Here he is right after he came to us in mid July. Both ears are down. His littermate sister, Mindy, already had her ears up for weeks. We thought that maybe he will be a drop ear Papillon known as a Phalene.
Pouncer 10 weeks

Pouncer, Tessa and Diva July 2011
Pouncer, Tessa and Diva July 2011

July 29, 2011 one ear went up
July 29, 2011: One ear popped up!

One ear up and one ear down

August 4, 2011: Ron and Pouncer
August 4, 2011: Ron holding Pouncer.

I had the hair clipped on one ear to encourage it to lift up. It looks like it is starting to go up.

August 8, 2011 all three dogs
August 8, 2011: Tessa, Pouncer and Diva. The ear is up, but still a little wobbly.

Pouncer August 8, 2011 both ears are up
Pouncer on August 8, 2011 with both ears up. I think he will have very big ears with the fur grown in

October 30, 2011 Fall Colors in the yard. Pouncer had his ears up and down for the last few months, but now they seem to be staying up. I had the hair on the left ear shaved twice to help the ear stay up, thus he doesn't have as much hair on that ear,but it will grow back. Pouncer now has all his grownup teeth, plus one canine baby tooth that just hasn't come out.

Pouncer in the red leaves

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